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Testimonials About Robert W. Lucas

For decades, Robert W. Lucas has delighted in sharing his knowledge and ideas with adult learners and clients from around the world. The following are some of the actual comments made by attendees at previous workshops facilitated by Bob Lucas.

“Bob is not only very professional, he REALLY knows his stuff & clearly valued our experiences & thoughts throughout class time.”
Jennifer Everett, Regional Training Manager
“Bob is a wonderful facilitator! I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop as a learning experience. Bob kept the energy up and I loved the interactive activities.”
Tracy Davidson
“Very helpful program with many practical suggestions to design and deliver our training.”
Jean Berry, HR Director
“Enjoyed the fun interactive atmosphere created by facilitator.”
Flora Del Angel, Instructional Designer
“I love the variety of tools you shared with us and the research that supports the effectiveness of each.”
Karen Parnall, The Everett Clinic
“I really love that you use what you teach! Very practical – I feel like I can use everything you taught & demonstrated.”
Rachel Walker, Emeritus Senior Living
“Delightfully packed with examples & ideas for infusing creativity into training programs.”
Carol Melby, Principal, Carol Melby & Associates
“Bob you are very energetic & engaging – super ideas you shared. After 30 years in this business I always love learning more!”
Susan Bookshar, Training Manager, Revol Wireless

“For the trainer who feels like they’re in a rut and their materials are dull, this program will revitalize your excitement for learning and information transfer.”
Christine Intihar, Safeguard Properties

Internationally Known Award-Winning Author, Training Facilitator, and Speaker

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