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About Robert W. Lucas Enterprises

Robert W. Lucas Enterprises is structured into three specialty areas: Customized professional development training/presentations,  Performance consulting/coaching services, and meeting facilitation.

Customized Professional Development Training/ and Presentations

All of our professional development programs are dynamic, interactive and designed to deliver a high level of quality, information and

Interactive and fun brain-based learning training session
Interactive and fun brain-based learning training session

knowledge and skill enhancement. They can be used as a professional outsourced training entity or to supplement internal professional development resources.

All programs in our Program Offerings catalog have been produced and provided based on the needs of past clients and are outlined to provide an idea of programs we can develop and deliver to you. We customize all content and build activities and specific content to fit the needs of each new client. We accomplish this by meeting with your organizational shareholders and subject matter experts to identify desired learning objectives and content.

Once designed, Robert W. (Bob) Lucas or one of our highly skilled master trainers facilitate each session in an upbeat and enthusiastic manner employing the latest neuroscientific research related to adult learners and how participants best gain, retain, recall and use what the encounter in a learning environment.

In addition to programs found herein, we can customize sessions that satisfy your needs by bringing together several components from a variety of catalog offerings. While many programs listed in the Program Offerings are single or multi-day offerings, many can be modularized into half-day sessions. Some topics also lend themselves to be delivered in short presentations for professional meetings or conferences.

In order to ensure that you have the flexibility needed to meet the developmental needs of your employees, our programs can either be taught by our instructors or members of your own staff. The latter is accomplished through a comprehensive customized train-the-trainer program presented at your location followed by a licensing agreement that allows you to purchase participant materials from us. In this format, your own staff can conduct sessions.

To view program offerings, click here: Program Offerings

For more information on these powerful learning experiences, contact us.

Consulting and Coaching Services


A key component of business at Robert W. Lucas Enterprises is human resource development consulting. From that perspective, we provide a full scope of services including:

  • Developmental needs assessment and consultation;
  • Training design;
  • Program development;
  • Training evaluation.

To accomplish these functions we use a variety of individual and organizational assessment tools and strategies. We then provide a selection of programs, methodologies, and interventions for dealing with the demands of today’s workplace.

Our goal — your satisfaction and helping to resolve your organizational needs by building an ongoing relationship with you. We are interested in your success rather than in having a short interaction, then walking away.

One-on-One Interpersonal Skills Coaching

Through intensive confidential one-on-one interaction, we can help employees break down barriers, better understand and communicate with one another and their internal and external customers. We use a variety of assessments, personal observation of behavior, feedback and follow-up consultation to help improve client people skills.

These services are important because the professional of today has to deal with change more now than at any point in history. Everything is evolving at a phenomenal pace, which means that just keeping up with the technical aspects of the job and running the business can become very stressful. Add to that the diverse interpersonal dimension of the workplace and the situation can quickly nosedive toward disaster.

As the demographics of the United States and the world spiral and reverse, the stereo-typical older male hierarchical leader is quickly becoming a minority. Female, minority and younger workers are taking on new leadership responsibilities. This is traumatic for many workers and often requires a whole new series of skill sets for dealing with others. For each employee to be successful and reach maximum potential, he or she must be aware of how to interact and communicate with all types of people in a variety of settings.

Robert W. Lucas has been researching, writing about workplace issues and training employees at all levels for over four decades. He uses his expertise and that of a specialized network of professionals. Together, they work with clients in order to help identify areas for improvement, provide specific feedback on behavior, develop a personal action plan, then conduct on-going performance coaching and guidance.

Through one-on-one assessment and interpretation of results, we work with employees to help them better understand their current behavioral characteristics, those of others, and how to merge the two when they into contact with someone else. Using direct observation of verbal and non-verbal interactions, we can provide an objective third-party perspective on how people relate to others in the workplace. We can also offer guidance on how to improve communication with people from various generations, cultural and other diverse group types who are currently present in the workplace and society.

These services are particularly invaluable for newly appointed supervisors, managers and executives and can provide a revitalizing vehicle for anyone in the workplace.

Robert W. Lucas Presenting to Authors
Bob Lucas presenting to authors

Author Consulting and Training

Robert W. Lucas is an internationally-known, award-winning author of over three dozen books that have sold over two hundred thousand copies worldwide in various languages. He is extremely qualified to offer insights and guidance for new and aspiring authors on strategies for getting words onto a page and then into print by either working with large publishers or self-publishing. Bob shares his knowledge through telephonic, electronic and face-to-face consulting services. For more information contact

Meeting Facilitation

Need an objective party to guide your team or group through a planning or brainstorming session? Our trained facilitators can help by meeting with your project leaders. They can help determine meeting objectives, construct and agenda, and facilitate group meetings. When needed, they can also offer an outside perspective on how to most effectively and efficiently implement strategies developed in the meeting.

Free Consultation

Not sure about exactly what you need or have questions about what we do? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to spend some time discussing potential resources on the phone or at your location (if you are in the Orlando, Florida area). There is no cost for our initial consultation and if we determine that your situation is outside the scope of our expertise, we’ll tell you so. We’ll can also make appropriate suggestions for alternative resolution or make referrals.

Contact us at

Internationally Known Award-Winning Author, Training Facilitator, and Speaker

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