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Robert W. Lucas Training Session

“Training others is a way of growing your own sphere of influence while giving of yourself.”
— Robert W. Lucas

Discover what thousands of satisfied learners and audience members have learned over the past twenty years: When you partner with Bob Lucas, workplace knowledge and skills are enhanced and productivity increases with a measurable return on investment. 

Customer satisfaction is a primary goal of everything that we do at Robert W. Lucas Enterprises. By applying the latest brain-based learning research in adult learning environments, we create presentations and training events that get results. Our professionals approach talent development from a proven focused methodology. In doing so, we help your employees maximize their learning outcomes so that they can immediately transfer what they experience back to the workplace.

Robert W. Lucas Enterprises provides your organization with inspiring presentations on a variety of topics and external learning and workplace performance resources. Our services include assessment, design, development, delivery, and measurement of learning events that fit your specific organizational issues.

We offer a variety of creative training and development strategies to address the diverse workforce of today. These include on-site delivery, train-the-trainer with a licensing agreement, and teleseminars for staff members at remote locations.

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Internationally Known Award-Winning Author, Training Facilitator, and Speaker

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