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The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising Table of Contents


Chapter 1 –     Cruising for the Joy of It

                        Why People Cruise

                        Cruiser Types

                        Cruiser Ship Types

                        Six Categories of Cruises

Chapter 2 –     Planning for the Cruise of Your Life

                        Cruise Line Passenger Policies

                        Best Time of Year to Cruise

                        Cruise Length

                        Departure Ports

                        Possible Destinations

                        Preferred Cruise Line and Ships

                        Personal Requirements

                        Traveling When Pregnant

                        Celebrating Special Events

                        Additional Considerations

Chapter 3 –     Selecting an Engaging and Memorable Itinerary

                        Cruises Designed for Everyone

                        Possible Itinerary Options

                        Popular Cruise Destinations

Chapter 4 –     Booking the Best Cruise Vacation Ever

                        Gathering Information

                        Cruise Related Costs

                        Additional Costs Prior to Embarkation

                        Onboard Expenditures

                        Getting the Best Cruise Deal

                        Making Your Deposit

                        Cancelling a Cruise

                        Choosing a Payment Method

                        Selecting a Cabin

                        Accommodation Options

                        Booking Confirmation

Chapter 5 –    Organizing a Stress-free Cruise

                        Travel Insurance

                        Required Governmental Documents

                        Prepare Medically

                        Learn More about Your Ship

                        Join a Roll Call

                        Print Your Cruise Documents

                        Gather Items for Your Trip

                        Decide What to Pack

                        Tasks before Leaving Home

Chapter 6 –     Embarking on Your Ship

                        Getting to the Port

                        Checking Your Luggage

                        Entering the Cruise Terminal

                        Embarkation Processing

                        Going Aboard

                        Taking Care of Business

                        Moving into Your Cabin

                        Safety Muster Drill

                        Sail Away Party                   

Chapter 7 –     Maximizing Your Pleasure Onboard

                        Onboard Facilities


                        Onboard Activities

                        Social Networking

Chapter 8 –    Vacationing with Children

                        Should You Bring the Children on a Cruise?

                        Choosing the Right Cruise

                        Special Considerations

                        Activities for Younger Passengers

                        Staying in Touch Onboard             

Chapter 9 –     Cruising Tips for Mature and Special Needs Guests

                        Making the Best of Your Cruise

                        Mature Cruisers

                       Special Needs Booking Considerations

                        Special Dietary Needs

                        Traveling with Service Dogs

                        Traveling with Special Needs Children

Chapter 10 –  Stretching Your Budget and Saving Money

                        Prepare a Budget

                        Reduce Travel Expenses

                        Save Money Onboard and Ashore

                        Bring Your Own Stuff

Chapter 11 –   Making the Most of Your Cruise

                        Creative Cabin Tips

                        Onboard Shopping Tips

                        Shopping in Ports

                        Packing Tips

                        Useful Items to Bring Aboard

                        Items Not Allowed Onboard

                        Toilet Tips

                        Health Tips

                        Cruise Buffet Etiquette

                        Port Safety

                        Ways to Ruin Your Vacation

Chapter 12 –   Easing Out of Your Cruise

                        Preparing for Disembarkation

                        Last Night of Your Cruise

                        Post-Cruise Activities

                        Arriving at Home

Useful Information and Resources

  • Typical Cruise Officers
  • Cruise Related Terminology
  • Cruise Line Ownership
  • Cruise Ship Capacities
  • Cruise Ports in the United States and Canada
  • Sample Cruise Vacation Checklist
  • Calculating the Cost of a Cruise
  • Countries Requiring a Visa
  • Cruise Line Accessibility Policies
  • U.S. Guidelines for Product Importation

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