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“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.” Pablo Neruda

Intensify Your Relations

Strategies in this section address key elements crucial for establishing and maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Some examples include trust-building, respect, accepting responsibility, showing commitment and other elements related to effectively bonding with your spouse or significant other.

Bring Back The Romance

In this section of strategies you will read numerous sincere, fun, whimsical and creative tips and techniques for showing your loved one the depth of your commitment and demonstrating your love.

Tap The Element Of Surprise

Most people like to pleasantly surprised from time to time. You can add a bit of fun and help keep the spark alive in your relationship by using strategies outlined in this section of the book. The simple, easy-to-apply and fun methods outlined will allow you to keep your spouse or significant other guessing what creative technique that you will come up next to show your love and level of caring.

Strengthen The Communication Flow

One of the biggest challenges in many relationships relates to opening and continuing effective communication channels with a loved one. In this section, you will identify innovative, effective and fun ways to share ideas and thoughts and learn more about your loved one.

Recapture Passion And Sensuality

There is an adage in the marketing profession that “sex sells.” Well, it certainly does have a powerful impact in relationships. As you read through the tips and strategies in this section, you’ll be inspired to re-examine the importance of physical and mental sensuality. You will also be challenged to explore the depth of your physical connection with your partner.

Reinforce Caring And Security

Tenderness, compassion and caring are key elements in most successful relationships. By applying the techniques suggested in this section, you can demonstrate how much your spouse or significant other means to you.

Maximize Time Spent Together

In the harried and stressful world of today it is hard to eek out enough time for many tasks and things that are important. Unfortunately, many couples relegate their relationship to a lower priority unintentionally and that can add stress, frustration and ultimately resentment to the mix. In this section, you will be able to identify thirty easy and creative strategies to help reconnect and come together as a couple.

Capitalize on Spontaneity

When was the last time that you did something to spontaneously thrill or satisfy your loved one? In this section, you’ll explore simple, meaningful actions and activities that can delete your loved one and help them realize what a great relationship you have together.

Make The World Your Vehicle For Love

There are many places and activities related to travel that you can use to build new memories as a couple and grow together through the shear enjoyment of being together in a different environment. Get out of the rut that you may have let yourself fall into through too much focus on work or other detractors. Go out and explore your world around you together by applying the tips outlined in this section.

Give The Gifts Of Love

*Many people get into a pattern of giving presents to their loved one only on special occasions. While it is nice that you remember to provide such gifts, it is better to get into a habit of offering them at random times and places just to show how much you care and value your loved one. In this section, you will read ideas for creating your own special occasions and plying your spouse or significant with creative gifts of love.

My Plan For Love Worksheet

Though the use of prompts you will be encouraged to create your own plan to delight and thrill your loved one. Once you have developed your “love plan” you can put it somewhere handy for reference so that it will regularly remind you to take specific actions to demonstrate your love and affection throughout the year.

55 Things To Know About Your Loved One

By knowing the in-depth thoughts and preferences of your loved one, you can more effectively communicate and satisfy him or her. This list of 55 discussion topics provided in this section can be used for face-to-face conversations or for a written questionnaire that you and your loved one complete, then discuss.

Resources For Lovers

Dozens of books, resources, websites and other useful materials are listed in the back of the book. All of these relate to the tips and strategies that you read about in the text.

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