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Use SMART Goals When Writing Non Fiction Books

Both aspiring and experienced writers often make the mistake of failing to develop and follow a plan when writing a nonfiction book.  This is a mistake and can lead to a less than stellar product in the end. In some cases, non fiction writers are subject matter experts (SMEs) who have years of expertise and extensive knowledge about their topic. Because of this, they …

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Simple Tips for Writing the Best Non Fiction Book Possible

Book writing, especially nonfiction books, can sometimes be daunting because there is often quite a bit of research to be done in order to ensure accuracy. As a result many authors struggle with how much time they have and want to expend in gathering their facts. While there is no one single solution for this for this dilemma, I typically advise that you …

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Creative Inspirational Writing Quote – Robert W. Lucas

If you want to achieve some level of satisfaction from the knowledge and skills that you have  gained throughout your life; try writing a book. This allows you to capture the essence of what you know. It also provides a vehicle for sharing the information with others, who might also benefit from it.

Identifying a Nonfiction Book Topic and Organizing Your Content

I have been asked many times about best way to identify a book topic and organize nonfiction content for books that are written for professionals or people seeking self-improvement. Like every other aspect of writing, my answer is often, “It depends…”. That is because each writer is unique in their knowledge and experience level, personality, writing ability, and the way they approach a project. The …

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Making Your Book Stand Out From Competition

Ever wonder why some books sell more copies and make the best seller lists while others seem to flop. Often it is not the talent of the author that makes the difference. Certainly that is a major factor. However, in many instances it is a combination of factors, starting with the sheer volume of books published each year. One report …

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Send Press Releases to Promote Your Book

Whether you are a traditionally or self published author who is releasing print, eBook or both formats, you must get the word out before you can sell copies. Many authors look for ways to promote their upcoming or newly released nonfiction and fiction book(s), but often overlook the local media in their area. Local newspapers, radio and television stations often scan …

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How to Market a Book Through Speaking Engagements

Publishing a book makes you an instant expert or celebrity. Take advantage of that elevated position to get in front of others as a presenter or trainer to share your knowledge, experiences, and skills, or to do readings of your book content. Doing this can help you build an author platform, increase your personal brand, and promote your book(s).  There will …

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Using Social Media and the Internet to Market Your Books

Social media and the Internet have become “the” place for authors to sell their nonfiction books and develop their personal brand. With a virtually free environment where you can connect with others to make them aware of your books, products and services, it becomes a no-brainer for you to consider these venues as part of your marketing plan.   Facebook, Twitter, …

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Trade publishing (general-interest fiction and non-fiction for adults, children and young adults and religion) experienced significant growth since 2011

  Good news for nonfiction writers and publishers according to the Association of American Publishers growth in the nonfiction publishing area has grown since 2011. “The increases were fueled by a year of strong new releases, particularly in the romance genre, and even more widespread popularity of eBooks than in past years. This growth occurred despite the loss of numerous …

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