Editing and Rewriting Are Essential Parts of Writing A Book or Article

By Robert W. Lucas

Editing and Rewriting Are Essential Parts of Writing A Book or ArticleWhether you are doing nonfiction writing or fiction, you likely want the finished piece to be the best possible. To ensure that this is the case, you have to face the reality that you will need to spend times on rewrites.

Some writers and authors think that they have finished  with the content once they have written an article or book. Nothing is further from the truth. In reality, once you get your thoughts on the page, you have just begun. That is because your best work is not done until it has been rewritten numerous times and had it edited by someone who has expertise in grammar, syntax and effective message design.

Writing books and articles is a multi-stage process. First, you get an idea and then you put words on paper. Next, you go through and read it, taking notes on where to make edits and adjustments. After you do these things, put the piece aside and work on other projects. This helps redirect your thinking and gets the project out of your conscious mind. Come back after several days and re-read the content again to identify additional changes. You can then start your re-writes.

Your goals when rewriting include at least these stages:

Identify incorrect word usage  Authors and writers often confuse words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and have other meanings.

Eliminate overly used terms. Look for synonyms to substitute for terms that you normally use. People tend to have favorite terms that they inject into a conversation or writing on a regular basis. Work to eliminate such redundancy when creating your book or article content.

Correct commonly misspelled words. There are many words that are typically misspelled. Since you misspelled it once, there is a good change that you will do so again during rewrites. This is because you likely believe that the spelling is correct the first time.

Unfortunately, many authors and writers depend on electronic spellcheck software to catch errors that they missed. Such tools can help somewhat; however, they can miss terms that sound alike but are inappropriate for your intended meaning. The result is that the misspelled terms are often overlooked by the editing software.

Find a competent editor. Because of your own limitations, and those of software, have someone else reread and make recommendations after you have done several rewrites.   Finally, when you think that the work is the best possible, get an expert editor to go through it with a critical eye.

Waiting until you have taken all the previous steps before contracting for editorial services will help save you money. This is because editors will charge either by the word, page or project for their efforts.

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