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Inspirational Quote for Writers By Truman Capote

Like many authors, Truman Capote enjoyed his career as an author and often provided positive motivational quotes and encouraged others to follow his approach to writing when they experienced writer’s block or a loss of enthusiasm. The result was that his works are famous. A key to being a successful writer or author is to prepare yourself with the knowledge and …

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Motivational Writing Quote – Anaïs Nin

Successful writers and authors have the creative talent to form images with their words and to inspire, motivate, intrigue, or entice their readers. By developing stories, ideas, concepts, characters, and many other facets that satisfy needs and expectations of others, they become successful and often go on to achieve fortune, fame and higher levels of personal satisfaction. As Anaïs Ninis …

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Inspirational Quote About Writing – Robert W. Lucas

People write for many different reasons. Only you can decide why you want to see your words combined to form an effective article, document or book. Internationally known author and performance consultant Robert W. Lucas believes that inner satisfaction is an important aspect that drives writers and authors to spend hours in front of a computer creating materials that others will …

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Getting Started with Writing

Every person potential has a book inside them just waiting to burst out.  Think of your own life experiences. What have you seen heart, learned, experienced that others have not? What dreams or ideas have you had throughout your life? What goals have to accomplished? Where have you traveled? All of these things and more can potentially provide fodder for …

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Inspirational Quote for Authors – Herman Melvin

Part of being a successful author is to plan your book effectively. Many want to be writers try to take shortcuts and end up failing. An important part of your planning is to know what you want to write about, draft out an outline or key thoughts and then stick you your plan. Herman Melville is quoted as emphasizing the …

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Inspirational Quote for Writers – Robert W. Lucas

Many writers, authors and other creative people worry about how their work will be received by the public. This is a sure way to potentially stifle motivation and creativity, and can lead to writers block. To avoid this writing pitfall, heed the words of this quote by Robert W. Lucas:

Inspirational Writing Quote – Ray Bradbury

The key to becoming a successful author is to develop your ideas, then ignore your concern about what others might say about your writing. Some people will like it and others will hate it. The important thing is writing to your best ability and ensuring that you communicated what you wanted to say. Once you decide to write your masterpiece, …

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Inspirational Writing Quote – Melinda Haynes

One key to successful writing is not to worry about what others think. Instead, write in a manner that satisfies your inner self. If you can get past the anxiety of worrying about how others will receive your work and stay focused on getting your message into writing; you can improve it later with the help of a good editor.

Inspirational Tip for Writers

Motivation is the major difference between those writers who succeed and the ones that do not. It is easy to say, “One day I am going to write a book.” In reality, only a small percentage of people who say make this statement rarely follow through. If you truly hope to be a successful author some day, you must begin with a …

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