Tips For Authors

Writing Strategies of Successful Authors

How to be a successful author is a difficult question to answer. Each writer has a message that she or he wants to communicate to readers. He or she must find his or her own unique approach to sharing ideas, stories, and information with readers in a manner that captures and holds attention. This is sometimes referred to as the …

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Successful Nonfiction Book Writing – Tip #1

An “ah-ha” for me as an author of twenty nonfiction books and thirteen compilation contributions has been that writing must come from the heart if you are going to be successful at it. It is hard work and quite honestly, many people do not have the initiative, ability, or true desire to put in the hours required to identify a topic, …

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Six Tips for Successful Non-Fiction Writing

    Six Tips for Successful Nonfiction Book Writing Nonfiction writing often serves to educate, explain, highlight and document the events that people experience in life and the world. While you can use your voice to also entertain and add humor, many nonfiction writers focus on details and facts. Not unlike those who write fiction, most nonfiction writers struggle to …

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