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Technology Trends for Self Publishing

Authors desiring to self publish or create electronic books (ebooks) now have more options than ever for getting their ideas into written form and to generate money with minimal effort and cost. Electronic technology and companies/services, such as, Lightning Source, Amazon Kindle, Smshwords, IngramSpark, Bookbaby, Lulu and others continue to simplify the self publishing process. As with other technologies, industry competition is …

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Ebooks Leading the Way in the Publishing Industry

Numerous studies related to self publishing, ebooks and the publishing industry in general continue to point to the fact that more authors are going the do it yourself route to publishing. They are also creating more electronic books in the process. Check out this article by Randy Susan Myers to get a sense of the depth of the trend.

Making Your Book Stand Out From Competition

Ever wonder why some books sell more copies and make the best seller lists while others seem to flop. Often it is not the talent of the author that makes the difference. Certainly that is a major factor. However, in many instances it is a combination of factors, starting with the sheer volume of books published each year. One report …

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Trade publishing (general-interest fiction and non-fiction for adults, children and young adults and religion) experienced significant growth since 2011

  Good news for nonfiction writers and publishers according to the Association of American Publishers growth in the nonfiction publishing area has grown since 2011. “The increases were fueled by a year of strong new releases, particularly in the romance genre, and even more widespread popularity of eBooks than in past years. This growth occurred despite the loss of numerous …

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