Build An Author Platform As Part of Your Book Marketing Plan

By Robert W. Lucas

Build An Author Platform As Part of Your Book Marketing PlanIn order to sell your books, whether you work with a traditional publisher or are a self published or INDIE author, it is crucial that you include strategies for building an author platform to get more exposure as part of your book marketing plan.

Take a few minutes to jot down responses to the following questions on a sheet of paper. Use this as a planning sheet for preparing to get the word out about you, your books, and/or products and services. This approach can lead to more passive and residual income as an author.

1. What knowledge or skills do I have that make me credible as a writer?

2. What are some strategies that will help me become a better known writer locally?

3. What are some strategies that might help make me a better known writer outside my local area?

4. Where might I use my knowledge and skills identified in Question 1 to become better known?

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