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Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA) Annual Conference

Authors and self-publishers have a valuable resource in the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (formerly Florida Publishers Association).  FAPA is focused on providing its members and the general public with educational opportunities to learn about the publishing industry, including editing, book design, printing, print-on- demand, e-publishing, distribution, book marketing and promotion, and the steps necessary to become a self-published author and/or small independent publisher. On …

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Protecting Your Electronic Author Rights

There has been a lot change in the publishing industry in the past decade related to how electronic rights are exercised and compensated to authors. If you are going to sign a contract with a major publishing house, always be sure you understand the contractual agreement related to what you are giving away and what you will receive in exchange. …

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Nonfiction Writers Blog

Welcome to my newest blog designed specifically to share my knowledge and experience as an international writer/author and contributing author of thirty-three nonfiction books. This website focuses on providing tips, techniques and strategies that anyone can use to convert their knowledge, ideas and expertise into published articles or nonfiction books. These books can be used a tool to help authors and writers …

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