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Robert W. Lucas writes several blogs that offer information, guidance and resources based on his books and research in the following areas:

Creative Training – Articles and information provided in this blog focus on various elements of adult learning. Included are the Instructional System Design model – ADDIE (assessing, designing, developing, delivering and evaluating) that is used for creating effective employee training programs.  Additional content focuses on incorporating the latest neuroscientific or brain based learning  research related to how the human brain best gains, retains, recalls and uses information that it experiences in an adult learning environment. Through use of tips and techniques offered in the articles, trainers, facilitators, adult educators and presenters can make learning effective and fun by incorporating creativity through the use of environmental elements, such as, color, sound, motion, light, nutrition, music, novelty and learner engagement.

Non-Fiction Books – Articles on this blog focus on all aspects of writing and publishing nonfiction books. These articles  address the process of writing effective text, interior and cover design, the steps in the self publishing process, and strategies for personal branding and building an author platform.

Customer Service – Articles on this blog focus on the process of delivering stellar customer service in a manner that addresses the needs, wants and expectations of a diverse customer population. In addition to discussing how organization can be more globally competitive and create customer-centric environments, the knowledge, skills and strategies needed by customer service representatives in a variety of industries and organization types are provided.

Internationally Known Corporate Trainer, Author, Training Facilitator and Consultant.