Writing as a Career Choice

Some writers work for newspapers or magazines while others produce books, newsletters articles, advertisements, speeches, screenplays or other similar written materials. Some work part-time or full-time for a company or freelance full-time as writers.

Writing as a Career ChoiceDepending on the type of writing that you do (e.g. fiction, non-fiction, articles, and books), you will spend a lot of time alone at your computer or writing on paper. You will also likely be regularly researching competing works, content and background information. Additionally, depending on the approach you take to a career, you will be working with editors, publishers, graphic artists, printers, marketing professionals and others related to the industry.

People sometimes ask me if I make money as a writer. My response is that while I am not rich, I live comfortably and my wife and I travel frequently throughout the U.S. and take one or two cruises a year. Of course, writing is just one of the things that I do since, like many writers and authors, I also consult and do training workshops and presentations throughout the year. In addition I write blogs, such as this one, which generate a bit of residual or passive income.

Writing as a career is a choice that only you can make. Like any other choice in life, you should do research, talk to people in the industry, look at your knowledge and skills set realistically, examine where you are in your life cycle and where you ultimately want to be, and then make a realistic decision.  You can learn a lot about the profession by reading books and articles on the topic and attending writer, author and publisher conferences. Here is a link to the Bureau of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook that gives a bit of information on the profession.

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About Robert W. Lucas

Bob Lucas has been a trainer, presenter and adult educator for over four decades. He who has written hundreds of articles on training, writing, self-publishing and workplace learning skills and issues. He is also an award-winning author who has written thirty-seven books on topics such as, writing, relationships, customer service, brain based learning and creative training strategies, interpersonal communication, diversity, and supervisory skills. Additionally, he has contributed articles, chapters and activities to eighteen compilation books. Bob retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1991 after twenty-two years of active and reserve service.
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