book writing strategies

Communicate Effectively to Your Nonfiction Readers

One key to successfully writing nonfiction is to provide timely, accurate and, in some cases, detailed information on your topic, written in a reader-friendly format. For the latter point, find your own writers voice (what and how you will deliver your message) by deciding things, such as, (1) Your purpose for choosing the topic and writing about it, (2) What you …

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Strategies for Writing and Marketing Your Book

Imagine a sports team scheduled for a playoff game. The team does all the pre-work and the getting ready for the big event through conditioning and hard play. Then on the day of the event their star player decides not to show up. That would be akin to your doing all your project research, developing an outline for content, gathering …

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Writing Tips for Authors

If you must eat an elephant, it is best to do it one bite at a time! What that means is that, rather than tackling an entire writing project and plugging through, create a writing action plan and schedule, and then work on small sections over a period of time. Similarly, rather than tackling all your marketing initiatives at once, …

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