New Smashwords Research Helps Authors and Publishers Sell More Ebooks

Okay I admit it…with creating content for three blogs and working on a rewrite of my customer service textbook, I have fallen behind on my reading.  That is too bad since there is a lot of interesting things happening in the publishing and writing industries. For example, Smashwords released a study that provides a lot of valuable statistics on everything from the best size for eBooks to the pricing strategy being used by self published eBook authors.

To learn more about what the study revealed, check out this link to the Huffington Post article (then come back here to read more articles)!

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Bob Lucas has been a trainer, presenter and adult educator for over four decades. He who has written hundreds of articles on training, writing, self-publishing and workplace learning skills and issues. He is also an award-winning author who has written thirty-seven books on topics such as, writing, relationships, customer service, brain based learning and creative training strategies, interpersonal communication, diversity, and supervisory skills. Additionally, he has contributed articles, chapters and activities to eighteen compilation books. Bob retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1991 after twenty-two years of active and reserve service.
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